Wadappt is a platform that utilizes the power of the blockchain to connect impact investors with donors in a manner that is mutually beneficial and aims to unlock substantial amounts of funding. Its current focus is on preserving and growing key biomes in Africa.


There is no doubt that the environmental challenges facing our earth are considerable, some would say insurmountable. Fortunately, recent developments in technology, such as blockchain, have emerged to address these challenges and indeed have the potential to not only turn the tide but could also vastly improve prevailing circumstances.

How it works

Through the innovative use of blockchain technology and smart contracts the wadappt platform brings investors and funders together in exciting, secure and simple new ways.

Impact Investors

Impact investors invest in products, services or companies that generate positive social and/or environmental impact. In this way ‘impact investors’ derive both financial as well as a positive impact return.

The recent advent of crypto currencies is resulting in the single greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind. This new wealth is typically held by a much younger and environmentally aware person. This platform enables crypto currency holders to ‘impact invest’ their cryptocurrencies into environmentally impactful projects and derive a financial return on their investment.


Donors throughout the world are being pushed to address the many pressing issues which are not being catered for by existing structures. Efforts are often uncoordinated and ineffective, resulting in donor funds being wasted and trust being broken.

What is needed is an outcomes-based financing model. That means that donor funds are held in escrow and are only released once the outcome that the donor funds were intended for are achieved. By ensuring donor outcomes are achieved trust can be reestablished which in turn will unlock substantially more funding for projects that deliver real benefit.


Smart contracts on the blockchain are used to create a framework in which impact investor and donor funds are brought and held together in such a way as to provide impact investors with returns on their investment and donors with guarantees that their funds will achieve the purpose that they were intended for.

A win-win for both parties!

Successful completion of the project triggers smart contract processes that ensure impact investor capital is returned to them, with interest, and donor funding is only then allocated to the successful project, thus guaranteeing donors that their funds are used for the purpose that they were intended for.


On successful completion of the impact project, investors are repaid with interest!

Like any investment there is risk and return associated with it. The returns associated with each project are commensurate with the risk of the project.

The investor returns are derived from the donors paying a premium for the fact that their outcome is guaranteed.

If the project is not successful, it does not mean all is lost. Incremental returns are provided based on deliverables during the project.

Our Mission

Our mission is to utilize blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, which have been touted as the single greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind, in such a way that vast amounts of funding can be creatively channeled into projects that are creating positive impact!